B2B Local Purchasing Challenge

Download the form here. Take the challenge.

We challenge you to make one simple decision that will transform our local economy; ultimately improving the bottom lines of our members – all
without spending any more money than your company currently spends.

How? Take the Local Purchasing Challenge. It really is simple. Shopping local is not just a consumer activity. By simply reallocating your purchasing dollars for products and services from a non-local vendor to a local one (again, not spending more), your company will be part of creating significant economic impact in Champaign County.

What’s in it for me you ask? The more companies that agree to shift some of their purchasing back to Champaign County means more local companies will see increased sales. As much as you want local companies to buy your goods and services, your fellow Chamber members want you to buy more locally as well. It means better customer service, quicker turnaround and no shipping.

More local purchasing means more money in the local economy. It means more money to keep jobs and create jobs. Your commitment to this grassroots effort, along with other local businesses will make the dollars add up. Again, without spending more than you have already budgeted. In fact, did you know that according to Civic Economics West Michigan that $140,000,000 of new economic activity means 1,600 newly created jobs and $50,000,000 in new wages. Imagine being part of creating 1,600 new local jobs without spending more than you already spend. Take the Local Purchasing Challenge. Help make a difference in our community.

It doesn’t get easier than this:

Step 1
Identify the categories/line items in your budget where you spend money outside of Champaign County.

Step 2
Commit to reallocating a small portion of that purchasing back to a business in Champaign County. Use the Chamber as a resource to find a local vendor.

Step 3
Take the Challenge and return the card you received in the mail to the Champaign County Chamber of Commerce.

Step 4
Honor the promise.

Step 5
Update the Chamber on your status when asked (quarterly update).

Step 6
Sit back and feel good about your decision to help improve your business and our economy. Watch our local economy and local businesses grow.

The Chamber will track the collective amount pledged. We will report the numbers back to the membership all while keeping your pledge confidential. Are you up for the challenge?

Have questions? Contact Lindsay or call 217.359.1791.

Please return the form via email to Lindsay at [email protected], fax it to 217.359.1809 or mail to:

Champaign County Chamber of Commerce
303 W. Kirby Ave. | Champaign, IL 61820

The deadline to return the form is April 30, 2018.

Join these Chamber Members who have already accepted the Challenge:

  • ServPro
  • Boy Scouts of America, Prairielands Council
  • GiANT Worldwide
  • Cinema Gallery

Together they have pledged $11,750

Are you up for the challenge?